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MO 2

Horizontal Mixer

The MO/2 horizontal mixer is the finest unit for producing animal feed beacuse of the following special features:
1) Even mixing both when adding liquid ingredients and when mixing products of different specific weights.
2) High production rates with mixing times not exceeding 5/6 minutes.
3) Easy emptying.
4) Simple to maintain.

The MO/2 horizontal mixer is made of heavy-duty sheet steel.
The cover is divided into sections to make inspection easier.
The stirrers are in form of a double spiral: the inner spiral is smaller in diameter than the outer spiral and is in the opposite sense. This produces a continuous forwarding movement on the outer perimeter and at the centre a motion that is contrary to the mass movement.
The ingredients are thus perfectly mixed.
All the moving parts are mounted on ball bearings, complete with two gearmotors.
The horizontal mixer is equipped with a slide on the bottom that opens along the whole lenght to allow quick discharge. 

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