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Hulling is the process of removing husk from paddy. This is achieved by the gentle action of the rubber rolls applied to the paddy rotating with different speed. This is possible through a new machine designed for optimun performance, durability and sanitation (SBR-SD 25). The Rubber Rolls Husker reduces rice breakage, has great aspiration efficiency and considerably improved rubber roll life when compared to the traditional machines. More then this, the husk aspirator separates the husk from the rice by means of air aspirator (SBR-SD 25 + SBR-SR 25).

Main characteristics:

1. Higher capacity and reduced brokens.

Its unique feeding system allows paddy to orient itself in the best possible direction for entering the husker at the highest viable speed for each variety of rice being processed, which combined to the continuous control of the husking pressure, ensures a consistent reduction of broken rice.

2. Automatic continuous control.

The rate of paddy being fed into the husker is monitored by a level detector, which controls the feed gate pneumatic piston for ensuring even product distribution into the husking chamber. The rubber rolls pneumatic control system allows for rapid in-position setting, while the precise control of the rubber roll gap ensures constant pressure and even husking ratio.

3. Extended life of rubber rolls.

The efficient paddy feeding system combined the precise roll gap control, besides enhancing husking performances also increases the rubber roll life considerably by over 30%.

4. Easy maintenance.

This new machine has been studied and designed for facilitating operator access when chancing the rubber rolls and the other maintenance operations and for improving the screw arrangement for greater improved aspiration efficiency.


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