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Case History
Breakfast cereals line with tempering – Dominican Republic, 1.200 Kg/h
Case history


Cutting-edge technology by Pavan Group for the brand first corn flakes production plant started in San Pedro de Macoris, named Cereales El Rey, part of Cesar Iglesias S.A., one of the largest food producer groups in Dominican Republic. 

The plant produces all different types of cereals and boasts maximum production efficiency on account of Pavan latest technological specific innovation on corn flakes tempering.

The Pavan exclusive pre-treatment process that steams the humidified product within the mixing tank before it passes through the extruder significantly reduces the cooking phase during extrusion subject to heavy mechanical stress, thus improving the colour, taste and resistance of the corn flakes when immersed in milk and maximizing the quality of the extruded product.

This new and exclusive process by Pavan consists in subjecting the product to a second heat treatment process for about one hour after extrusion, under relatively high temperature and humidity conditions. This innovation has a direct impact on the finished products which are even closer to those of corn flakes obtained with the batch cooking process.