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Case History
Innovation pushing forward Service 4.0
Snacks processing line being installed remotely in Asia


The situation we are now facing worldwide is leading us to reconsider the core activities that characterize our business. It is fundamental to accelerate the innovation and experimentation of new the technologies that we have been testing for a long time, in order to make our job more efficient. 

The installation of an important line for 3D extruded snacks in Asia could not stop due to the travelling restrictions rightfully imposed on our technicians. Hence, we equipped ourselves with the most innovative technologies in order to be able to perform the final startup of the plant. The team formed by a mechanical engineer, a software engineer and a technologist, is physically based in their smart working stations. Nonetheless, they are cooperating with our clients’ technicians thanks to a videoconference system connected to devices such as Google Glass or smartphones, which allow our colleagues to see through our client’s eyes, guiding the technicians in all the needed operations.  

“GEA Pavan shows of being a flexible company that keeps an eye on the future, taking advantage of the Industry 4.0 tools that allow us to satisfy the needs of the customers even in the hardest situations” states Davide Comacchio, Head of Technical Assistance, Extruded Products

Thanks to these technologies, the team can conduct activities such as tests carried out with products, fine tuning of the machines’ parameters and very frequent interaction that allows our technicians to apply their experience and knowledge to one of the most complex plant startups. The pellet production for Aerial, the tridimensional snacks that are encountering great success on various markets across the globe, is a process that requires maximum experience in order to guarantee that the product expands in the right ratio, generating the snack required by our client. The client we are now working with is one of the biggest multinationals known across the world. It requires GEA Pavan great precision in the realization of the final product. Moreover, we must perform greatly in terms of matching the quality standards that were forecasted during the project and delivery times of the plant. The line will be ready to run by the end of April. It is an exciting challenge that we are facing in the best way possible, thanks to the support of technology, but also thanks to our technicians’ competence in adapting to a completely new working environment, proving great flexibility and professionalism.  



"GEA Pavan shows of being a flexible company, taking advantage of the Industry 4.0 tools that allow us to satisfy the needs of the customers even in the hardest situations" 

“Considering the development of IOT technologies and Industry 4.0, GEA-Pavan is learning from this success story and aims at promoting this remote approach more and more. Situations such as this one, show us that we are on the right track” concludes Comacchio.

This experience allowed us to take a great step in the management of remote support to our clients, making our service capacity prompt, flexible and efficient.