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UPCOMING WEBINAR - Ancient grains meet new technologies: innovation and market trends in the milling industry.
The grain market has historically been focused on mass and intensive production. However, it is now facing a countertrend: the rediscovery of ancient grains.



In this webinar we will analyze such grains, from their origin to the final product. We will understand detailed characteristics, criticalities, production advantages and most importantly, we will focus on the solutions to process all varieties of grains. This will allow you to take fully advantage of the raw materials to obtain an innovative and competitive final product.


During this webinar we will:

• Analyze the evolution of ancient grains,

• Understand their characteristics and market advantages,

• Discover the latest processing technologies.


Andrea Turco
Chief Miller – Pasta, Extrusion and Milling - GEA Group

Teofilo Vamerali
Professor in Agronomy and Field crops, Crop Physiology, Plant Biology – University of Padua