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UPCOMING WEBINAR - Making the best pasta out of your raw materials: the technological response to a challenging market
The continuous growth in pasta consumption, has brought the attention to the production of quality products, starting with raw materials that differ from the well-known durum wheat.



Especially in those countries that historically lack this durum wheat production, technology developed by GEA Pavan makes it possible to produce pasta of excellent quality. This challenge, launched by the visionaries of Mediterranean cuisine, has now been overcome thanks to the technological development that made pasta a widespread product all over the world.

In this webinar we will discover what are the main drivers that have made pasta such a successful product, what are the new market trends and the consequent needs of pasta producers. We will analyze which parameters and characteristics define a pasta of excellent quality and which are the technological solutions adopted to produce it.


During this webinar we will:

• Analyze the diffusion and current market trends related to Dry Pasta,

• Understand what are the parameters that define pasta as a high-quality product,

• Discover what technological solutions are in response to the needs of pasta producers.


Michele Darderi
Director of Marketing - PEM & Bakery, GEA Group

Paolo Guarise
Sales Area Manager – Pasta, Extrusion and Milling, GEA Group