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The Plansifter is characterized by its reliability over time, large sifting surfaces and optimum yield per square meter of surface. A new concept of sanitation. All components have been studied and developed keeping into consideration the needs and use of the product being processed.

The GQT-GS Plansifter represents a reference point in the field for its long-lasting reliability and exceptional performance.

• New sieve cleaning system
• Thermally insulated compartments
• Easy access for cleaning

• Minimum maintenance
• Stainless steel coated walls

The sieves can be made of wood, wood and aluminum or plastic. The internal guides vertically arranged inside the channels allow for an impeccable alignment of the sieves. The screen holders’ perfect tightness of the sieves generated stacks, has been obtained through their compression with a system that is simple and effective. The gauze, applied and fastened to the frames with special glues, is kept clean by unique free moving parts specifically designed to keep the sieves bottom residues free as well. The all-gauze sieve instead, presents a single type of Star cleaner for both the gauze cleaning and the bottom discharge of the product.

State-of-the-art product

The Plansifter is designed and manufactured with an advanced building system technology, utilizing industry’s cutting-edge equipment as a laser cutter and welding robot.


Quick inspection

The Plansifter design allows convenient access to each area and the performing of all cleaning operations according to the Sanitation standards expectations (HACCP).


Solid project

The main structure parts are characterized by exceptional strength and are made of top quality materials. The channels’ inner walls are stainless steel and all parts that come in contact with the product are made
of food grade material. The channels closing doors are made of food product safe polypropylene and their opening/closing system allows for a quick and safe operation. Each channel can have up to ten discharges, connected to the floor with synthetic fabric filtering sleeves equipped with intermediate rings and inlet spouts for product inspection.


Maximum flexibility, minimum encumbrance

The Plansifter is built in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 channel systems. It is designed to achieve maximum simplicity with flexibility in order to satisfy a wide range of requirements. In fact, each channel can be divided into 2 parts and include from 14 to 32 sieves. From the space optimization perspective, the 10 channel model has the same overall dimensions of the 8 channel version. This result has been obtained by inserting two empty spaces in the central command structure.


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