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Multihead Weighers


Stiavelli multihead weighers guarantee the highest performances thanks to their remarkable accuracy and reliability. The highest speed version with 20 hoppers, combined with a continuous motion packaging unit, is able to pack up to 130 bags per minute. The SPC multihead weighers are available in a wide range of versions, each one designed for a different field of application:

• dealing with the short-cut pasta, the 10, 14 and 20 hoppers versions are available with a speed that reaches 130 weighings per minute.
• for the nest pasta, the 10 and 14 hoppers versions are available in order to guarantee the highest speed up to 45 weighings per minute.

For the bulk versions, particular models have been designed with bigger hoppers. These multihead weighers, called SPC-K, are equipped with 10 or 14 hoppers.

All SPC weighers are equipped with some standards accessories, specifically designed for the pasta production:

• central conveying system
• shutter in the discharge cone
• antispillage hopper



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