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Snack Packaging Unit


Stiavelli has designed a high speed packaging system suitable for snack products; it is composed of a multihead weigher model SPC14-S and a continuos motion vertical packaging machine model SVMC-S.
The whole system is manufactured according to simple and innovative concepts.


  • Feeding cone
  • Central plate controlled by loading cell and, alternatively, by photocell
  • Upper vibrators that can be dismantled
  • 2-liter buckets
  • Single unloading chutes
  • Feeding vibratory tray (optional)


  • Brushless indipendent motors
  • Special sealing/transversal cutting group of the long-dwell rotating type specific for snacks
  • Transversal automatic film centering device and machine stop device for film breakage controlled and regulated by fiber optic sensor

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