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Vertical Packaging Machine SVML-HP


The demand to significantly reduce plastic waste in order to achieve higher eco-sustainability and attention to the environment is a need that involves the packaging sector in the foreground.

For Interpack 2020 GEA-Stiavelli has developed a new packaging machine able to utilize paper and biodegradable films for pasta packaging.

The project for the Vertical Packaging Machine SVML-HP derives from the structure of the SVML packaging machine and focuses on the redesign of the jaws making them suitable to pack specifically paper films.

The new high pressure jaws are made of steel to handle pressures 4 times higher than the standard gripper: 8000 N instead of 2000 N.

The right combination of pressure, temperature and time developed by GEA-Stiavelli technicians allows the new Vertical Packaging Machine SVML-HP to be easily suitable for any type of paper films and to maintain high performance and reliability.